Not oily and stays on

  • I completed La Ruta in Costa Rica. Blue Steel Sports kept me comfortable in the saddle with no chafe after 4 days, 12 000m of climb mud, rivers, and grueling bumpy roads. Itís not oily like Vaseline but it lasts well even through mud, water, mud, water, dirt!!
  • - Wayne | South Africa

Doesnít stain clothing

  • Throughout all my training runs and for the marathon itself I found this cream to be the most amazing product I have used. While training in the heat or the rain I never had to reapply after the first application. I was able to use it under my heart rate monitor and at no time did it stain my running clothing and I was chafe free. I highly recommend this amazing cream.
  • - Thelma Ennila | Nelson, BC Canada

Effective skin protection for cyclists

  • The dispensing tube is great for applying just the right amount into the palm of my hand. You can really notice the effect of the Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream as soon as I put my chamois shorts on and once I sit in the saddle, I can really notice the protective layer of your cream working to perfection.
  • - John | Bellevue, WA

Great for the Breast Cancer 3 day walk for the cure

  • Iíve been using the anti-chafe cream and absolutely love it! Itís got a nice scent, very mild, isnít greasy, and really lasts. Itís really made my walks much more comfortable.
  • - Shari Skinner | Bellingham, WA

Lasts longer

  • I found your Blue Steel Sports product lasted longer. I sweat more than the average rider and the Blue Steel Sports product stayed with me longer and I was able to ride a 65 mile ride on a hot day without re-applying the product. Along with the cream I liked the size of the tube. Thanks!
  • - Randy Boggs | Redmond, WA

Gives protection, comfort and relief

  • The past 2 years I walked 60 miles in 3 days with my team The Tyee Tataís. Our whole team used Blue Steel Anti-Chafe Cream anywhere and everywhere there was any kind of rubbing from clothing or sweaty skin. The cream helped prevent rashing from friction under my bra and I used it to all over my feet and between my toes to help prevent blistering! Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream gave us all great protection, comfort and relief, and really saved my buns too!
  • - Marina Tunes-Nichols | Redmond, WA

It works!

  • I have been a long distance ultra-runner for the past 8 years and have tried numerous products to help deal with chaffing. Blue Steel Sports Anti-Chafe Cream is absolutely the most effective, comfortable, and long lasting product out there. I have used this product both for extremely long runs and for hours spent inside cycle training. It works, simple as that.
  • - Brock Gavery, featured in Outside Magazine's 'The Ten Fittest American Men'

Effective for lengthy cycle touring

  • Now that I use Blue Steel Sports Anti-chafe Cream I can finally avoid uncomfortable rashes. Your product was put to the test last year, on my annual European bike tour. After cycling for 12 days, non-stop, I was absolutely rash free, for the first time. The tube is a convenient size, easy to apply, and does not leave one feeling sticky. Thank you for an excellent product!
  • - Barbara Maytom | Nelson, BC Canada

Great stuff, even for feet!

  • I bike and hike and this anti-chafing cream works great. Plus, the tea tree oil smells great besides being good for your skin.
  • - Nikki Hix | Seattle, WA

My personal side by side test

  • I decided to run my first half marathon 1 day before the race. Knowing nothing about running this distance (I'd never run more than 10 miles in mu life), I picked up a load of products at the expo. This was the most valuable. The salesperson gave me some ideas about where to put it and I slathered it on wherever there seemed to be a chaffing risk. Well, I didn't think about one spot on my back where the strap of my sports bra hits my skin. The areas under the bra where I used the cream were fine, like nothing happened but that spot under that strap on my back was completely raw. I didn't think that was possible for (seemed like just a full marathon runners problem) but alas, I was wrong. Will be buying more to use everywhere before my next race.
  • - Amazon User

Great Product

  • I recently took a backpacking trip on which I experienced extreme discomfort from chaffing, and I have since been seeking a product that would help with that. I bought this product in hopes that it would reduce the friction without having a greasy feel. It does both very well. I am very happy with this stuff, and will definitely continue to purchase it.
  • - Kirk Laser | Salt Lake City, UT

Excellent Bicycling Product

  • Used the Blue Steel this morning on a 40 mile ride, worked super, especially with a new saddle, stem and handle bar setup. I have used several other products this year, but this lasted the longest, wasn't greasy feeling and almost eliminated the chafing. What chafing occurred was due to the new saddle. Thanks for prompt shipping. Just recently finished the 300 mile Redmond to Spokane bike ride and Blue Steel was the ticket for minimizing chafing in the heat.
  • - Kit Wennersten | Marysville, WA

Excellent product

  • I was a loyal user of another chamois product for road cycling. But I like the smell of tea tree oil and I like the form factor of Blue Steel anti-chafe cream (tube vs jar) so I decided to give it a try. Well I just rode RAMROD using it. 159 miles in the midst of a record breaking heat-wave. No rash or saddle sores after many sweaty hours in the saddle. I'm convinced: it is a great product.
  • - Jeff Larsson | Kirkland, WA

Saved my (tender) skin!

  • I'm brand new to road bicycling and have been training to ride a century (100 miles). This cream is a godsend! I was trying other chamois creams and they were really bothering my nether-regions. The tea-tree oil really helps keep my "lady parts" from getting irritated while I ride. I'm so glad I found this product.
  • - Leslie Evans | Sammamish, WA

Great Chamois Cream

  • As a cyclist, I like Blue Steel. It is not greasy like other products that I have used in the past and the clean up is much easier. The performance is good on all lengths of rides. I have sensitive skin and have used chamois creams for over 10 years. Blue Steel is now my cream of choice.
  • - D. Westergard | Auburn, WA